Things You Need To Know In Dragon Tiger Game

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Dragon tiger is a simple gambling game. Basically, dragon tiger is a two card version of baccarat game. In dragon tiger, the two card are dragon card and tiger card. The player needs to bet on one card, either dragon or tiger. Dragon tiger game can be played in land based casino and also online casino. In order to know more about dragon tiger game, let’s discuss the Things You Need To Know In Dragon Tiger game including the rules and how to win the game.

Things You Need To Know In Dragon Tiger

Things You Need To Know In Dragon Tiger Game

Things You Need To Know In Dragon Tiger Game

Rules of Dragon Tiger

As mentioned before, dragon tiger is simple game which means the rule is also simple. First, the game can use any standard decks. Second, the rank of the card is the same with poker yet the value of Ace is always low. Third, each player and dragon hands get a single card. Fourth, the main bet is on which hand the value of the card is higher. Fifth, there are other propositions bet which are dragon bet, tiger bet, and tie bet.

If the player chooses either dragon or tiger bet, the player will win the game when the chosen card has the higher value. Meanwhile, the tie bet wins the game when dragon card and tiger card have equal or same rank. The wins pay 8 to 1.

Tips in Winning Dragon Tiger

If you want to win the dragon tiger game, you may read these following tips:

  1. Using suit-based strategy

One of the great strategy in order to win dragon tiger game is by monitoring the cards. In this case, the player monitors the move of the card so the player knows which card is mostly dealt. You can calculate the number of the suit card used in the game. As we know, suit card is the standard card used for playing card.

  1. Betting either on dragon or tiger

In playing dragon tiger game, the best choice for betting is bet on the dragon or tiger. It works if the player does not want to use card counting or suit-based strategy. Dragon and tiger bet has 3.73% of house edge which is the lowest bet. So, you should be relieved whenever placing the bet on dragon or tiger because the chance of winning is quite high.

  1. Do not use tie bet

As mentioned previously, tie bet pays 8 to 1 if you win the game. Basically, it is interesting since you will earn a huge amount of money. However, tie bet has the highest house edge, which is 32.77%. Therefore, although you will win a big prize, the chance of winning the game is very low. That is why tie bet is suitable for player who wants to take a big risk.

For casino players knowing things that you should consider before playing dragon tiger game can be chosen if you want to challenge yourself over the common casino games like slot games or baccarat. Therefore, it is important to know some Things You Need To Know In Dragon Tiger Game as the reference.