Lucky New Year a Free Play Video Slot

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Lucky New Year a free play video slot is an online game, which was created to celebrate Chinese Year. This game is still quite new to you. The explanation more about this game written below.

Lucky New Year a Free Play Video Slot

Lucky New Year is one of the betting games online created to celebrate the dog’s year of Chinese. Actually, this game is also known several years ago in every Chinese New Year. However, nowadays it is still fun to be played. It improved a lot. This game is played to see your luckiness in spin the casino slot betting.  This is also easy to be played and to be understood. Even, some people got addict playing this slot game.

Lucky New Year a Free Play Video Slot

Lucky New Year a Free Play Video Slot

How to Play?

This game is told about the story and history of Chinese traditions. Before you play, you have to understand the meaning of the animals’ symbol there. Usually such as lion is a king. Basically, this game is played to collect the bonuses in finding three same symbols. However, you have to set a bet also. You win more if you can find the symbols.

How to Get the Bonuses?

You can win this game until 150 times maximum. If you want to get the bonuses you have to wait for the three symbols appear together. Usually it is a symbol of monkeys. So three monkeys will appear and you have to set bet first for five times. The point is the frequency of the symbols will appear based on the total bet you did.

Lantern Symbols

Before you play the game, you have to understand that lantern is a symbol of money. It comes in every reel of the game. You have to hit the lantern that will appear in sudden. You will get big jackpots as many as you can hit the lantern.

Good Features

This is very interesting game. The casino slot features were provided uniquely. You will also enjoy the blast feature. You have to play for 60 lines for example. Then set your bet for 10.0000 and 50.000 coins per spin. Then choose automatic play sessions, which are available in groups of 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200. After spinning, just wait until the spin stops and see how lucky you are.

Get Five Free Spin

The scatters symbol will give you five free spins. It comes only in 1, 3, 5 reels. As long as the free spins bonuses open, others reels such as 2, 3, and 4 will be locked. Those reels spin again together with the giant symbols. As long as the free spin mode on and you press the three buttons you will get the bonuses as much as possible.

Re-spin Features

You will also have a chance to get money from the re-spin feature in this game. This chance will come after you win all the combination of the lines that you bet. You will start with three re-spin and all the lantern symbols appear. You have to hit the symbols until the end. The coins you get for this can be changed into real money.

Those are the information about lucky New Year a free play video slot. Hopefully it useful for you in playing this game and enjoy the bonuses.