Features That a Best Slot Game Should Have

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Slot game is firstly known with its 3 reel fruit machines which becomes very popular in the casino afterwards. Slot game is operated by many providers and it is played more likely like video game. It is no more three mechanical reels because some developers have already developed the game so there is the five reels and even more. Furthermore, nowadays the slot game is supported with the best quality of the graphics and sound effect. It is also supported by interesting features and beneficial for the players. Talking about the feature, here are the features that a best slot game should have.

Features That a Best Slot Game Should Have

Bonus Game

Bonus game is provided in different forms but it gives you the chance to win more money by playing the featured game. Usually, bonus game is awarded if the player line up the same symbols on the reels right before returning to the main game. Bonus game may be featured by complex video graphics although some may be simpler. Some bonus game requires skill while other is totally random. Besides, many features as seen in the game is mixed with complex game play and story-lines.

Features That A Best Slot Game Should Have

Features That A Best Slot Game Should Have


Coin is an important aspect of the slot machine. You cannot play the slot machine without using coin. No matter you play the online or the land based slot game, you need coin to play the machine. The coin value allows the player to place their bet according to the amount preference.

Free Spin Rounds

Free spin rounds is included as bonus feature because it is a bonus for you, right? The free spin rounds provide a number to boost your chance of winning the game. It can be done in many ways, for example when you get the same symbols line up on one reels. Then, you will get the award of the certain amount of the spin. That is the most common bonus rounds and the simplest one.

Scatter Symbols

The rule of playing slot game is that you need to line up the same symbols on one reels to win the game. However, this rule does not work in scatter symbols. It is called slot player’s best friend because it may appear in any position and give you a reward or open the bonus feature for you. Scatter symbol is one of the highest paying symbols and it is presented by a symbol which reflects the theme of slot machine itself.

Themed Slots

Themed slot is different with the traditional fruit machines. It becomes more popular either on the land-based or online casino. There are some casinos that offers slot game based on popular TV shows, iconic band, and another unique theme.  By using a certain theme, the player can understand more about the game while enjoying the game.

There are many features offered by slot game. Those features that a best slot game should have are only a slight among many features. However, if you find slot game with those feature, you can enjoy the game without doubting about it.