Different Promotional Offers in Online Casino

Posted on / Willie Hill

One of the most appealing thing from online casino is the promotional offers. All the online casino provides promotional offers for the player. Mostly, it is very beneficial for the players so that many players tend to play the online casino instead of land based casino. The promotional offers are categorized into some types with some profitable bonuses. Let’s talk about the different promotional offers in online casino!

Different Promotional Offers in Online Casino

Different Promotional Offers in Online Casino

Different Promotional Offers in Online Casino

Bonuses and Credits

Talking about promotional offers means talking about bonuses and credits. It becomes the major feature which attracts casino players to join the best casino website. Bonuses and credits are divided into several kinds which are mentioned below.

  1. Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus is also known as sign-up bonus. The bonus is given directly after joining the site or signing up as a member of certain casino site. Almost all online casino offers this kind of bonus in order to attract new players. Usually, you will get the bonus when you deposit some money. Different sites offer different welcome bonuses. However, the welcome bonus is useable for playing the provided casino games since it will affect the amount of your account.

  1. Play Only Bonus

Play only bonus works by deducting the money from the winning as the bonus. You cannot withdraw the money from your bank account since you can only get it from the player’s account. Therefore, it is known as sticky bonus. When you play the casino game and you win, the winning prize will be directly sent into your account. In other words, it can be used to play another round of games.

  1. Match Bonus

Match bonus is very common in online casino game. It works when the player get some percentage of the deposited money. For example, if the casino offers 100% bonus and you deposit 100 MYR then you will get an additional 100 MYR. It means you have 200 MYR in your account. However, match bonus cannot go over a limited amount.

  1. Payment Method Bonus

Online casino has different method for the payment. Some of the casino even gives the alternative method for the payment. So, instead of making payment through debit or credit card, you can choose these methods and get more bonuses. The casino offers 10-15% bonus whenever you choose the alternative method to do any transaction.

Free Spins, Lucky Draw, and More

This kind of offering is very captivating for the casino players. Who does not want the free spins or free play? This is the chance of playing the game without any deposit. Furthermore, online casino mostly holds some events and also luck draws in aim of promoting. The good thing is, there will be many reward such as free gift and even holiday trip.

The different promotional offers in online casino is very tempting. Every casinos have their own ways in giving the amount or value of the bonuses. Therefore, you should make use of it wisely and do not easily trust any offering.