Cash Fish Casino Slot Features and Where to Play

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Online casino is a great option to play casino game especially slot game. You will get interesting bonuses which will give you a different sensation. The bonus will strengthen your bankroll. So, you will get many benefits if you play cash fish casino slot features and where to play. Read the information below and get the benefits.

Cash Fish Casino Slot Features and Where to Play

Cash fish is a video slot game that is played by bettors day by day. This slot game is released and developed by Playtech, the best slot game provider. This game uses underwater as the main theme of the game. This game considers as the best under-water theme slot game compared to other slot games.

Cash Fish Casino Slot Features and Where to Play

Cash Fish Casino Slot Features and Where to Play

This game is appropriate for everyone who enjoys slot game, especially those who possess small bankroll. You can start placing a bet from 0.01 US Dollar. It is a small number, isn’t it? The maximum bet is five dollar in one round. How much money will be bet is your call. However, keep in mind that the bigger wager you have, the bigger prize you get.

Why Cash Fish is Special

Bettors should catch as many fish as they can. The more sea creature you seize, the more money you get. Bettors are able to catch the fish using the ammo. Moreover, you can raise their bonuses from interesting features like an in-game feature and special gadget.

Each fish provide different payouts. There are a lot of sea creature that you can kill or catch in this game. Of course, the smaller creature you kill, the smaller money you receive. Make sure that you kill creatures which do not kill easily. The harder effort it takes, the better payout you get.

As we explained above, this game uses the gun to kill sea creatures. Apparently, there are three kinds of gun in this game. One bullet gun, two bullets gun and three bullets gun. The type of the gun is based on how much money you place a bet. If you place bet one to nine coins, you use one bullet gun, if you bet 10 to 90 coins, you use two bullets gun and if you bet 100 to 1000 coins, you use three bullets gun.

Bonus Features

There are two main bonus features in this interesting online slot game. First is multiplier feature and second is bomb feature. You can get this bonus if you shoot fish inside bubbles. If you can shoot this, your prize will be doubled by a specific multiplier.

Bomb Feature appears on the game which will give you great benefit. Shoot the bomb and it will kill all creatures especially fish except dragons. What will happen if there is no fish on the screen? Do not worry, it does not mean that your prize is useless. You will gain a prize of five times from your winning. is an answer if you are wondering where you can enjoy the game. You will get a lot of bonus when you play cash fish on this site. Read the information about cash fish casino slot features and where to play and get the wins