Best Online Slot Games for Real Money by Playtech

Posted on / Willie Hill

Playtech is famous provider for slot games. You can choose from its library of slot games that consists of hundreds slot games with various theme. Your experience will definitely be different and exciting. If you are confused in choosing the games, here are several best online slot games for real money by Playtech that can be your option.

Best Online Slot Games for Real Money by Playtech

Best Online Slot Games for Real Money by Playtech

Best Online Slot Games for Real Money by Playtech

  • X-Men

Who doesn’t know X-Men? It doesn’t matter if a person follows superhero fandoms or not, as long they follow film updates, the name X-Men must be familiar to them. Not just in movies, X-Men now appear in slot games. We especially picked one made by Playtech.

Playtech doesn’t play around just because they picked a popular franchise. The display is obviously great, it follows the theme and vibe X-Men got. Plus, the slot gets better with 3D animation that spices the visuals. Not only is that, X-Men slot game also armed with 97, 02% RTP rate! With such pristine style and high winning rate, it’s not questionable that X-Men become every bettor’s favorite.

  • Geisha Story

If you prefer themed-slot with a story background, Geisha Story will be the best choice. This slot, takes Japanese theme, so you will see Japanese atmosphere in this game. They really don’t just throw a theme and make it a slot game. Before playing, bettors will get a peek of their love story from a short animation video. The symbols and display design is also made as fitting to the story as possible.

Theme aside, Geisha Story involves good gaming mechanism. The wilds, scatter, and bonus symbols really don’t play around. They are all retriggered until the end of the game. To seal the deal, Geisha Story put up whopping 95, 48% RTP rate. It may look bad compared to X-Men and A Night Out, but it is actually quite high when compared to many other slot games.

  • A Night Out

Looking for a simple yet earning game? A Night Out is the answer. Gameplay and display wise, there is not much to mention of this game. However, many bettors claim that this game is more addicting than how it looks. Rather than selling looks, A Night Out is more about simplicity. There’s not much spark in the reels and the displays are simple at best. Those who prefer simple games will totally dig it.

Like night life, A Night Out is an easy game pulling easy entertainment. Of course, that’s not questionable when the RTP rate is as high as 97,06%. Instead of having fun with disco and booze, bettors can get all the enjoyment instead from easy bucks A Night Out provided. With such high RTP rate, it’s easy to say that this game placed as one of all-time favorite with high RTP rates.

This list is just the short list of best online slot games for real money by Playtech. There are more games by this provider that are worth to try. The jackpots will never lie to you. The fun will also make you keep playing. Play right away! Happy betting!