3 Casino Games with Different Variety of Features

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There are many selections of games in casinos. However, are all of them really are that different? The answer is no. In fact, many share similar types of feature. Get a better explanation by reading our guide of 3 casino games with different variety of features right down below.

3 Casino Games with Different Variety of Features

3 Casino Games with Different Variety of Features

3 Casino Games with Different Variety of Features

Slot Games

Slot game is one of the simplest game you can find in casinos. As simple as it might be, there are several features that usually buckles up this game, such as:

  • Jackpot Types

Slot games nowadays are not as simple as placing a bet and spin the reels. There are some jackpot types that bettors can choose:

  • Normal Jackpot

This is the classic slot. The gameplay is linear, which means bettors can keep on playing and the jackpot will appear with luck strike.

  • Progressive Jackpot

This slot has levels bettors can play. Each levels have their own jackpots. After getting a jackpot, the player will move forward to another level with higher jackpot and game difficulty.

  • Accumulative Jackpot

This kind of slot can be normal or progressive. However, in this case some slot machines are connected to each other, accumulating bigger jackpot from all the investment going through every machine connected.

  • Manual or Automatic

The gameplay where bettors have to place their bet before every spin still exist. That is called a manual gameplay. However, these days there are ‘auto spin’ feature or automatic. This feature automatically spins for the player, following the first pattern that has been set until the money depleted.

Sports Betting

With online platform, sports betting becoming easier to play. Bettors can easily bet at home with these features:

  • Live Streaming

The live stream features make it easier for bettors to watch any sport matches and bet from it. That means it is not necessary to watch it on spot anymore. This feature often hooked along with live odds and scores on one screen for easier monitoring.

  • Live Odds

Live odds is the bookies calculation of winning chances of a bet option. Depending what occurs on the match, the odds will chance – and this feature shows the dynamics of it.

  • Live Scores

Live scores are the score development of the match. It changes based on the result of the current match.

Table Games

There’s not much features roping table games. However, in live-betting platform there are a feature called ‘multi table’. This features allows bettors to play multiple tables at once. Depending on the provider, players can do multi table on several types of games or just one. The most common game for this option is Baccarat and Roulette.

Now that you know the 3 casino games with different variety of features, pick the one that suits your playing style. Every feature is meant to be used properly. Therefore, they will have best performance with those that fitting in the game properly. If you can play the game comfortably, that means you have more chance to use the features better.